Common Issues for Suppliers & Manufacturers

Suppliers of OMMP-compliant edibles and wellness products often face difficulties in this rising industry to identify and manage various accounts with individual retail sites, all while maintaining access to quality cannabis, an effective sales approach, efficient manufacturing techniques, and timely deliveries. Productivity can be greatly jeopardized when needing to juggle these responsibilities. Forecasting changing market demands and introducing new product lines can also be challenging without access to an extensive network.

Our Supplier Solutions:

  • Our specialty oil provides top quality, lab tested cannabis oil* and distribution services for manufacturers in need of consistent raw material for product infusions at wholesale prices
  • An extensive, vetted network of dispensaries offering additional market opportunities and traction for new products
  • Broad retail exposure and management of all shipping and handling
  • Established distribution routs that will efficiently deliver products to retail sites in a timely manner
  • Reliable, secure, temperature-controlled transport vehicles
  • Secure, temperature-controlled storage for excess inventory
  • We track changing market demands and trends, and provide feedback to partner suppliers
  • Offer professional product training, marketing, and product placement assistance to all retail sites 
  • Access to our in-house branding and marketing specialists to aid in the success of your business
  • Eliminate manufacturer's retail sales responsibilities so more attention can be paid to efficient manufacturing processes 
  • Reduce supplier's administrative customer service

*Varieties provided through partnership with Big Sur oil and Pharm to Table.

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Common Issues For Dispensaries 

Many licensed dispensaries face difficulties sourcing reliable, consistent OMMP-compliant products, as well as obtaining access to industry data that would help them operate more effectively and efficiently.

Managing multiple relationships with professional manufacturers is also challenging. Without an internal, comprehensive understanding of the market, an established network, or proper guidance on how to effectively stock, sell, and market specialty and wellness products, retail sites are at a disadvantage in this growing market.  

Our Dispensary Solutions:

  • Extensive portfolio of vetted, top quality OMMP/OLCC-compliant Pharm Fresh products
  • Sales Analytics and Customer Feedback Loop to optimize efficiency and success of product line
  • Competitive wholesale pricing
  • Consistent efficacy
  • Product marketing merchandising training
  • Co-branding services
  • Account services (invoicing/reports/easy ordering)
  • Regular tracking and announcement of new products and innovations within the market 

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