Book Signing at Pharm to Table

Author, J.R. Fox, writer of the book, The Gloops and the Special Plant", will be at Pharm to Table for a book signing on December 19th, from 10:30am-3:00pm.

The Gloops and the Special Plant is a children's book written to help parents teach their children about the topic of marijuana and its legalization. 

Many parents of young children today, whether openly or privately, are believers and advocates of natural medicines and tools which were condemned generations ago. As we move forward and challenge those old misconceptions, controversy is everywhere -- it's in the news, on the television, the web, and on the lips of our friends and family.   

"The Gloops and the Special Plant" was written to be a teaching too for today's parents; to open the conversation on the struggle regarding the rights of the people to grow and have access to tools which have been provided by the planet for thousands of years. 




"The times have changes, and parents need a book like this to open a conversation with their children about the 'special plant'. The character in this dialogue are beyond cute, and the illustrations are beautifully done. There is a deeper theme about freedom of thought, which should stimulate young minds. Also, this creative book is just plain fun."


"A very unique, and lovely approach at children's marijuana (cannabis) education."


"Glad to see accountability and responsibility being taught."  -JOE, FATHER


"Very good idea! Every child deserves to know the truth -- What a way to do it -- Awesome!"