FEATURED STRAIN: Nice Cherry (Indica)


Nice Cherry, an indica-dominant strain, captures the flavorful qualities of its Cherry parent and the relaxing attributes of Mr. Nice. Featuring an aroma of pine, sweet skunk, and berry, Nice Cherry provides a rush of cerebral energy that lifts your mood while relaxing your body. You'll also notice a boost in your appetite, as well as your focus to keep you productive.

Users have found that it offers relief from depression, insomnia, lack of appetite, inflammation, and headaches. Most dominant effects reported are feelings of relaxation and happiness.


"This will level you out. Nice relaxation medicine....makes the stress melt away. Also made me hungry, so good for those with loss of appetite."

“Great uplifting outdoor strain from southern Oregon. Great for after work relaxation, positive mindset.”


"If I could give this a 6 out of 5 stars, I would - I do lots of reviews, and seldom am I just "Wow, I want to keep taking this medicine". This is sweet, a very full bouquet, not just a sweetness to pot - but truly like berries in a bowl. The taste of the Rosin is a sweet cherry juice - and the high, oh that sweet mellow "Catch me if I fall" kind of mellow that would be great for writing poetry or music to.”

source: Leafly