Pharmer's Market Now Partnered with two Recreational Farms in Oregon

Pharmer's Market Distribution Services is excited to share our partnership with two new recreational farms in Southern Oregon - High Rise Farm and Atlas Farm.

In addition to our current partnerships with dozens of smaller medical farms, this means Pharmer’s Market will soon have recreational flower! Whether you plan to stay Medical or transition to Recreational, our plan is to support you the whole way.

Now that harvest season coming to an end, Pharmer’s Market currently stocks a healthy supply of freshly harvested flower for your dispensary to choose from. Varieties include the best selling to unique strains as well as CBD balanced strains at 6:1 ratios for medical patients. The flower is lab-tested and ready for delivery. We offer competitive pricing on our top shelf flower and unique CBD balanced strains. Budlets will be available soon for your price conscious customers.

For those transitioning to Recreational, this is your chance to stock up before the January 1st deadline. Please contact us to get current flower varieties and pricing options.