Pharmer's Market is Officially Approved to Distribute Pharm Fresh Oils

We're happy to announce that our Pharm Fresh oil line is now registered as a processor with the OHA, which means we have resumed the production and sales of Pharm Fresh CO2 oils, shatters, and dabs.

This also means that artisan bakery, West Coast Baked Goodness, will also be resuming production and sales of their delicious cannabis-infused cookies since they source their extracts from Pharm Fresh.

For updates on Oregon processors that have completed their application with the OHA to be registered as a medical marijuana processing site, you can check OHA's Pending Processor Applications List. Pharm Fresh's Processing Site Name is listed as BJDS Solutions LLC in White City, OR.


We're excited to be offering a wide selection flower, high CBD strains, and quality outdoor strains.

G13 is a very strong strain of cannabis indica that's currently offered through our Pharm Fresh CO2 oil line. Many users have found it to be powerful for relieving migraines, stress, and insomnia. Leaves you feeling relaxed and euphoric. 

Check out these recent reviews of the G13 strain on Leafly:


super dave

By now you may have been graced a visit from our very own bud-bearing, Oregon-trotting Superhero, Super Dave. He's been crisscrossing the state to make sure that you receive your Pharmer's Market orders on time.

While on a recent delivery route, Super Dave managed to trek through a major stormy weather front, fix a flat for a stranded mother, and get Pharm Fresh oils delivered on time to partner dispensaries, all while slinging a broken arm. With a metal plate in his could say he's kind of like Wolverine.


As the leading cannabis wholesale distributor in Oregon, you can count on Pharmer's Market to provide your dispensary with the best selection and delivery services in the state. We offer a wide selection of OMMP-compliant cannabis specialty and wellness products at competitive wholesale prices, featuring premium CO2 oil, edibles, topicals, and flower. We regularly evaluate our portfolio based on market analytics, industry trends, and local demand.

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