Pharmer's Market to Sell Extracts - Update!

Our registration with the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to ensure we can continue to produce and sell extracts for the medical market is currently pending. Our application has been submitted and we are awaiting notification of our temporary OHA processor license. We hope to hear back from the OHA by mid-April so we can resume Pharm Fresh Oils sales and distribution to our partner dispensaries. We're currently waiting on our suppliers, Kannatonics Cannabis Elixirs and West Coast Baked Goodness Edibles, to complete their compliance requirements so we can continue to offer these tasty product lines.



We're excited to be offering a selection of high CBD flower right now. Harle-Tsu has been a popular high CBD strain, bred by the Southern Humboldt Seed Collective. With a CBD content 20 times higher than its THC content, Harle-Tsu brings relief to inflammation and pain without psychoactivity. This high CBD strain is prized for its relaxing effects that leave you happy, focused, and uplifted.

Contact us to learn more about other high CBD flower available via Pharmer's Market distribution services.



As the leading cannabis wholesale distributor in Oregon, you can count on Pharmer's Market to provide you with the best selection and delivery services in the state. We offer a wide selection of OMMP-compliant cannabis specialty and wellness products at competitive wholesale prices, featuring premium CO2 oil, edibles, topicals, and flower. We regularly evaluate our portfolio based on market analytics, industry trends, and local demand. 

Check out our Product Catalog for updates and more information about our available product lines. Feel free to contact us directly for ordering information or any questions you may have. We are currently accepting applications for new products.