Pharmer's Market is Stocked for Summer!

We are cruising through summer and have been stocking up on hot products and delicious treats that have been flying off dispensary shelves this season. Most notably, the ever-popular West Coast Baked Goodness cookies are in!

We now have boxes of Ginger Snaps, Chocolate Chip, and Peanut Butter Supreme to satisfy that sweet tooth. West Coast Baked Goodness' medicated butter, oils, and honeys are processed in a new, innovative way, leaving the wonderful flavor of buttery goodness. All of their pastries and confections are made from scratch, using the freshest and highest quality ingredients.


CRIPPLER CO2 PURE ™ by Pharm Fresh


Poorly named, but amazing in its delivery, Crippler is playful and energizing. The hash oil lays like sap, but has an elasticity to it that is more like a pull and snap. The smell is of sweet resin, fennel, and dates. The hit is a similar taste with the additional notes of fuel. The high kicks on fast giving you a hardy zoned out head high and a euphoric body buzz.

Crippler immediately puts a smile on your face and a party in your heart. Good Times!

THC 75.53%

CBD 0.30%

Contact us to learn more about our available line of CO2 Pure™ Oils by Pharm Fresh available via Pharmer's Market wholesale distribution services.