The Adventures of Super Dave!

Our very own bud-bearing, Oregon-trotting Superhero, Super Dave, skipped the pond over to Italy this summer during his Drug Policy Reform research tour, serving as an advocate for legalization.

He happened to walk in on the Italian parliament as it began discussions of a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in the country. He even brushed shoulders with Pope Francis! Although the man in white currently opposes legalization, Super Dave remains confident that his super powers combined with the great healing powers of marijuana will be a seed for the future expansion of legalization throughout the continent.

Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the US-based Drug Policy Alliance, agreed that if it becomes law, it "will be of great significance not just within Italy, but regionally and even globally. With five more U.S. states preparing to vote on marijuana legalization on November 8, and Canada poised to legalize marijuana next year, Italy could well provide the catalyst that Europe needs to move forward in ending marijuana prohibition.” (source: the Cannabist)

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