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As Oregon’s leading distributor of cannabis infused specialty, wellness, and ancillary products, Pharmer's Market Distribution is dedicated to providing valuable services to our network of partnered suppliers and licensed dispensaries.


Delivery Solutions
Business Solutions


Providing professional tools, consulting services, and solutions for a more streamlined workflow


Helping you reach a greater customer base with our reliable, secure transport systems and equipment



Delivery Solutions



Our experience, scale, logistics systems and equipment allows us to cater to your needs and operation. We offer reliable and secure distribution of the industry’s top-selling edibles, recreational cannabis, and CO2 extracted cannabis oil at wholesale prices. Through identifying territories that have maximum potential for growth and our established distribution routes for optimal efficiency, your products arrive fresh and on time.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Secure, temp-controlled storage for excess inventory
  • Easy ordering, invoicing, and reports
  • Professional team and excellent customer service
  • Strong relationships with network of licensed dispensaries and suppliers
  • Manages all shipping and handling
  • Reliable, friendly, punctual delivery
  • Secure, temp-controlled transport vehicles
  • Distribution routes throughout Oregon
  • In-depth product & industry knowledge 

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Business Solutions



Pharmer's Market specializes in providing Business Solutions to our partnered suppliers and licensed dispensaries throughout Oregon. Our professional consulting services, tools, and trainings aim to help you reduce costs and identify operational efficiencies so you can get back to what you do best: crafting and selling quality products and providing superior service to your customers. 

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Make your licensed dispensary the preferred destination for high-quality oil, cannabis-infused edibles, and wellness products in your community. Our partner dispensaries gain access to a wide selection of readily available products at wholesale prices, so you maintain a competitive edge in the marketplace, no matter your size. 

We provide tools to help manage your inventory, consulting services to better grasp industry trends, and solutions to help reduce costs and identify operational efficiencies. Our goal is to help you increase sales, operate more efficiently, build customer loyalty, and gain recognition.

Our retail services include, but are not limited to:


Product Training

We aim to capture and engage mainstream consumers, as well as those with a greater appreciation for artisanal, high quality, and locally sourced products. We offer education on each product line in our portfolio and guidance on best selling practices.


Marketing Materials & Software

We offer point of sale marketing materials to better promote products and increase sales. Creative solutions and cloud-based technology for tracking inventory, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.


Product Selection & Inventory Consulting

Our extensive knowledge of industry trends and network of partner suppliers allows us to deliver the right selection of products based upon qualitative and quantitative data, as well as decisions made at both a regional and local level. 


Product Merchandising & Placement Consulting

We consult with licensed dispensaries on how to accurately feature product lines in their retail space and maintain their reputation as a respected and trusted source for an enjoyable customer experience.




We are driven to build honest and sustainable relationships with our partner suppliers and serve as a dependable and widely trusted distribution service that’s packed with value-added sales and marketing support. We also offer raw material for our partners at wholesale prices.

We aim to reduce your administrative and sales responsibilities, so you can concentrate resources on efficient manufacturing processes and developing high-quality products. 


Our supplier services include, but are not limited to:


C02 Oil for Manufacturing

Our speciality, lab tested CO2 oil is offered at wholesale prices to partner suppliers in need of raw material for infusing their products. We provide standardized oil with consistent potencies and a reliable inventory. 


Delivery & distribution

We offer secure and reliable distribution services throughout Oregon for OMMP-compliant products and premium CO2 extracted cannabis oil. Established distribution routes state-wide ensure on-time deliveries and broader retail exposure.


In-House Marketing & Branding Specialists

We offer access to our in-house specialists to aid in the success and direction of your growing business.


New Product Promotion

Through our close partnerships with licensed dispensaries, we assist when your new products need to gain traction. We maintain consistent communication with our partners, as well as publish monthly newsletters featuring companies and product lines that we believe in.