With products ranging from cannabis infused water-based shots, to full spectrum cannabis oil and to pre-roll packs and most products in between,
we are proud to deliver a variety of products from some of the most-loved brands to dispensary partners across Oregon.

Smokes Pre Roll Pack Anatomy


The Grow is passionate about the positive impact and effects of both medical and recreational cannabis. With five grams of full flower rolled into half gram joints, the motto “smoke if you got ‘em” has a nice ring to it.


Consistency, purity and potency you can count on. Rebel Roots Farms is committed to producing high quality extracts utilizing state of the art extraction techniques. They thrive on natural living and a culture that leaves the earth a better place.

Rebel Roots Award Winning Tinctures


Nugget Candy Co. is a hancrafted, solventless concentrate company based out of Sumpter, Oregon. It was founded in 2018 by four marijuana enthusiasts who sought to create the top solventless concentrates in Oregon. Being nestled in the Elkhorn Mountains gives Nugget Candy Co. months of clean, pure mountain fresh water, allowing them to create their solventless concentrates.

Nugget Candy Co.’s three types of hash are created by sifting the trichomes of the marijuana plant through a series of screen in the presence of mountain fresh water and ice. Doing so separates the trichome glands from all other plant matter. This allows consumers to experience a solventless, full spectrum, full-flavored, and full cannabinoid concetrate.


Founded in 2014 by the Walsh brothers, The CO2 Company started within the medical cannabis industry as the first company to bring cannabis vape pens to the Oregon market. After finding success in the medicinal cannabis industry, the brothers decided to expand into the recreational market. They brought their love for the community and cannabis together to help offer 5 unique brands to Oregon, ensuring that anyone interested in cannabis can find a product that is right for them. Six years after being established, The CO2 Company still stands as one of the leaders in the Oregon cannabis market because of their quality, customer service, and affordable pricing.